When cannabis strains have names that truly describe them, it’s a sign that breeders have taken immense amounts of time and care in crafting that particular plant. Ethos, based in Denver, Colorado, did just that with Crescendo, an indica-dominant bud that will truly be the highlight of your life. They crossed I-95, Chemdawg, and Mandarin Cookies to develop a strain that’s incredibly powerful with complex flavors.

If you’re newer to smoking cannabis, we’d strongly suggest you steer clear of this gal, as she consistently measures in with 30% THC. Her nugs are quite large and while they are a vibrant green, hints of purple often peek through her dense layer of white trichomes. Both her aromas and flavors are unique and diverse, with notes of sweet cookies, earth, gas, fruit, and kush all blending together to create something that’s tasty and often leaves you wanting more.


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